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Coal Chemical Industry In order to meet the needs of China's energy structure adjustment, research and development of large-scale coal chemical complete sets of equipment included in the "11? 5" to develop the country's 16 major technical equipment, one of the tasks, large-scale coal chemical localization of complete sets of equipment is also a future work main focus. Coal-oil (the rule of law with the coal liquefaction oil) is the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, a focus on the development of new technology, the state has approved the construction in Inner Mongolia, an annual output of 5 million tons of coal direct liquefaction project. Large-scale coal chemical industry, the rapid development of appropriate technology and equipment support needs, especially in coal-oil, methanol, ammonia, and coal to olefins and other coal chemical industry requires a lot of large-scale coal chemical complete sets of equipment. Thus, efforts to realize the full localization of the valve. Dependence on imports is always easy for someone else Kabo Zi's. China Valve localization are always difficult and arduous task. 2. At present, Shenhua 5 million-ton refined oil a large coal-oil projects have started construction in Inner Mongolia Erdos and the smooth progress of the estimated total investment of 35 billion yuan.. China's valve business, in order to fundamentally change the situation of dependency, we must understand the state of its key industries, engineering, localization of the valve. As a modern great power and consumer power, to achieve a sustained lift in the level of technology and equipment, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment alone is not enough, and must be made to accelerate the research and development of advanced technology and equipment, to change this dependency situation. So, applied to the valve on a pipeline transporting coal localization could take place. The domestic production of coal liquefaction with the valve is the valve industry, an urgent task. Large-scale coal chemical complete sets of equipment developed by the major research projects include: large hydrogenation reactor, coal liquefaction and volume using centrifugal pumps, coal liquefaction with special valves, furnace oil-coal slurry, large-scale coal slurry homogenization blender, great thrust of large centrifugal compressors and reciprocating compressors, special waste heat boiler, large-scale prepared-acetylene equipment, diesel gasification core equipment, large-scale natural gas, hydrogen core equipment. However, in its series of complete sets, the special conditions there is a certain gap between the complementary aspects. For example, the state of valves used in many key projects, such as high parameters, environmental protection, energy saving valve is also more dependent on imports. Direct coal liquefaction process conditions are very harsh on the request made by the valve is very high: its medium temperature of 420-500 ?; working pressure 17-30MPa; Plastic PVC New Foot Valve For Water Pump Factory solid particle content of 20-80%. Nuclear-Soviet nuclear power plant valve key valve to achieve a major breakthrough; Kaifeng High Pressure Valve Forged Steel Valves 1 million units WB36 successfully developed; Zigong High Pressure Valve large-diameter welded pipe-type forged steel valve, Chengdu wind and large-diameter flat gate valve in the "West-East" pipeline on the successful application. Localization-related technology and equipment is to reduce the engineering investment, save foreign exchange, and enhance industrial competitiveness important measures. This means that China has not yet put into the building of a pipeline transporting coal. In addition, the National Development and Reform Commission made a preliminary plan, by 2015, coal liquefaction method with 60 million tons of oil annually, a total investment of approximately 4,200 billion, of which about 200 billion yuan investment in equipment. Pipeline Coal Pipeline transporting coal in the United States and Russia have not news, but in China, has already demonstrated 10 years, already claim to fame of "Yu (County) - Wei (Square) - Green (Island)" Coal pipeline still faces born Card suspense. According to "Eleventh Five-Year" national industrial structure adjustment (with the valve industry-related) articles related items are encouraged to analyze their localization, as follows: 1. Despite years of efforts, China valve localization gratifying progress has been made. Also in the preparation and construction of the project are the Shenhua coal liquefaction project in Yulin, Chinese Academy of Sciences of the Coal Liquefaction Coal expansion projects.
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